The Unknown and Tranquil Sri Yelu Mandamma Devi Hill Temple is about 125km from Bengaluru, 149km from Mysuru, located in Akkanahalli village. There is muddy road that leads all the way to the below of the hill. From below there are few stone steps that one needs to climb to reach the top. Sri Basavajala Lingeshwara Swamy Temple is present below and consists of Almighty Lord Shiva Linga and Sri Basaveshwara Swamy idol. Years back water used to flow out of Sri Basaveshwara Swamy idol mouth. Hence the temple gets it name as Basavajala, jala meaning water. Sri Yelu Mandamma Devi Temple is present at the top and is a treat to watch the view all around. Once can also reach the top via the forest stone steps. Gavi is present inside the tress. Overall the blessings of Sri Yelu Mandamma Devi and mesmerizing nature all around, makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family