The unknown and Mythical Gavi Muneshwara Swamy Betta is about 70km from Mysuru, 11km from Kollegal taluk. Myth has it that the 7 headed snake believe to exist under the hill. There is cave on top of the hill and believed to have 100 small doors. There is Gavi Muneshwara Swamy temple in middle of the hill. One of the Devote from local village visit this temple and performs pooja to Gavi Muneshwara Swamy idol, later Gavi Muneshwara Swamy himself takes up the body of this devotee and then enters the Mythical cave to perform pooja inside the cave. It is difficult to pass through the 100 small doors as it is too dark and wind blowing heavily. Ideal place for Trekking and Photography. Overall the Ancient Mythical History this place has and the blessings of Gavi Muneshwara Swamy makes this a must visit place with friends and family