The Unknown and Heaven, Paradise, Beautiful no words to describe simple Amazing Hosadurga Fort is about 217km from Bengaluru, 208km from Mysuru, located in Hosadurga Town. There is thar load that leads to the middle of the hill. From there one needs to go through the stone path to reach the top. The view from above is jaw breaking, treat to the eyes. Shree Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy Temple is present at the top. Shree Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy, Shree Ganapathi Swamy, Shree Yekanatheshwara Swamy, Shree Nambeshwara Swamy, Shree Nadeshwara Swamy idol is present inside the temple. In the middle of the hill, Shree Nagaligeshwara Swamy udhbhava murthy is present. The place once ruled by Sri Kariyappa Nayaka, hence lot of ancient fort can bee seen here. Shree Hamunan Temple is present to a hill attached to this hill. Looking for a once in a life time tranquil experience, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with friends and family