The Unknown and Mythical Seetakall Betta is about 181km from Bengaluru, 78km from Mysuru, located in Galipura Kaval village. Place where Lord Sri Ram stayed along with Goddess Sitha mathe. There is road all the way to the top of hillock. The view from above is refreshing. The place is covered by forest. From this place few meters away there is Sitha Kola, place where Goddess Sitha mathe used to bath. Ancient animals foot print can also be seen here. Sitha Kola is always filled with water throughout the year. Once Sitha Mathe after her bath left her hair open and walked around the hills creating marks of the hills top, that can be seen. Currently Sri Rangaswamy temple is being built on top of Seetakall Betta. Overall the Ancient Mythical history of this place makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family