The Mighty Adichunchanagiri Hills is about 95km from Mysuru, 111km from Bengaluru, 14km from Belluru village. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature. Kalabhairaveshwara Temple is present at the top of the hill. The magical Gavi Siddeshwara temple where an small ideal is present. One need pray and make a wish. Then try to lift the idol. If the wish is suppose to come true in the future, the idol is easily lifted and feels lighter in hand. If the wish will not come true in the future, the idol stucks on the stone plate and its impossible to lift it, very heavy. The instance that can be lifted and cannot be lifted does not happen in random or in combination. This is pure Miracle of Lord Shiva and a must visit inoder to witness it. One can trek to higher levels of the hill and enjoy the beautiful view from above. Peaceful, calm place with scenery view all around. The road to this place is good, leading to the top of the hill. Overall the blessings of Lord Eshwara and the eye catching beauty of nature, makes this place a must visit with Friends and Family