The Unknown and all in one Heaven Sri Shivanankareshwara Swamy Forest Temple is about 92km from Bengaluru, 109km from Mysuru, located in Mugguru Forest.The ride through the forest to reach this place is mesmerizing. Ancient temple where Almighty Lord Shiva himself has performed tapas is blissful. Kaveri river flowing across the hills is eye soothing to watch and to play. All these together at one place makes this a paradise. The road to this place is good and leads all the way to the temple. One needs to get down few steps in order to play in the flowing Kaveri river and the sand present here gives one the feeling as if you are on a Beach. Udhbhava murthy of Sri Shivanankareshwara Swamy, Sri Veerabadreshwara Swamy, Sri Batakllama and the idols of Sri Karya and Sri Bilaya are present here. Ancient sculpture can be seen here. It is believed that the Sri Basava idol present in the temple is of a actual cow that turned itself into idol. Forest area, hence late night visit and camping is not allowed. Looking for a once in a life time Tranquil experience, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with friends and family