Kavaledurga is about 308km from Mysore and 366km from Bengaluru. A hidden beauty in the Western Ghats. The place is best known for its fort which was built in the 9th century. The fort has seven water bodies and access to water all year long. One can walk on foot to reach the fort or can climb.The path to the fort has Lush paddy fields. At the very top lies a small Lord Shiva temple constructed atop a standalone boulder.The view from top consists of Varahi dam backwaters, Sharavati backwaters and the countless number of hills and mountains all around which is just Amazing. Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Lakshminarayana Temple some of the attraction at this place. Overall idle place for trekking with calm, peace and fun all around. There is also a travel guide pet. This beauty name is Rani, she is a self made travel guide in Kavaledurga Fort, Shimoga. She likes to go all the way to the top of the fort with only few people who she likes. She is very energetic, always in front , eagerly checking any suspicious sound which is heard from the near by tress, bush sorounding the place and thus acting like a shield. Her energy level remains the same and hats of to that. When enquired with the locals, they said she does this on a daily basis. There is an account maintained by her name in a near by shop where people happily give money, so that she can be fed fully on a daily basis. When i visited the place it was couple of days only that she had given birth. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see her new born puppies.After my trek I took her to the near by shop where I feed her with lots of biscuits and bread. After she was done with her eating she waged her tail and went away waiting for the next person. I was happy and lucky to have completed the whole trek with her