The Mesmerizing and Unknown Muneshwara hill near Dodahalli village is about 90Km from Mysore and 80Km from Bangalore. 8km away from Kanakapura town is this beautiful hill. On top of the hill, there is a temple of Muneshwara along with the sculpture of Nandi God. The top is surrounded by clouds and the hill is surrounded with lot of tress, calmness and peace.It is advice not to visit the place alone and late evening as there are lot of elephants, bear and even leopard. The route to top of the hill is still under construction. Hence only muddy road is available. Only a 4×4 four wheeler and a powerful horse power two wheeler can be drove on this muddy road. The mist, clouds floating by, hill dirt ride, surrounded by greenery an amazing combination. The view from the top is simply wonderful. If one is interested in trekking their way to the top they could start from a small temple which is below the hill. Overall an excellent place for a one day trip, the nature provides a perfect setting to this divine place