For all you lovely Bengalureans who were asking me for nearby unknown short hardcore trekking place, this one is for you. The unknown and special heaven Kengal Hill is about 52km from Bengaluru, 160km from Mysuru, located in Kengal village. There is no proper road to the below of the hill. One needs to walk from the main raod through a agriculture land inorder to reach the below of the hill. Sri Muneshwara Swamy gudi is present below the hill, from there one can find couple of palm trees. The second palm tree which is below the hill is the starting point of trek. There are no proper trail or steps to the top, thus making the trek fun and challenging. The view above is peaceful with cool breeze blowing all around. Shri Basaveshwara Swamy Gudi is present at the top of the hill. Place visited by Lord Sri Rama and the footprint of Lord Sri Rama can be seen here. Overall the blessings of Shri Basaveshwara Swamy and the quick tough trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family