The Unknown and Paradise Ballur Katte Dam Waterfalls is about 57km from Mysuru, located in Ballur village. Playing in the water and swimming here is an heavenly feeling. Ideal place for picnic and photography. One can spend hours sitting below the falling water. River Cauvery fills up the place. Fishing is done using boat, nets and angling. There is an Ancient Lord Almighty Eshwara temple and the idol inside the temple is udhbhava murthy. One can walk around the place and watch the birds sitting on the rocks. There is sand beside the flowing water which makes you feel as if you are in beach. This dam is said to be built around 1832 by Dewan of Mysuru Sir Kumarapuram Seshadri Iyer. The road to this place is good. Overall the abundant tranquil experience with mesmerising nature makes this a must visit place for all Aquaphile with friends and family