The Unknown and Tranquil Sri Ankanatheswara Temple is about 70km from Mysuru, located in Bevinahally village. Sri Ankanatheswara Temple is the first out of five Almighty Lord Shiva Temple namely, Sri Basaveshwara temple , Sri Byraveshwara temple, Sri Someshwara temple and Sri Chandramoleshwara Temple which are located 1km from each other across the flowing Hemavati river. Sri Ankanatheswara Temple is located inside a farm. The farm is owned by North Karnataka Hoysala Brahmin family. The Family when visited Gokarna Temple were told by the Hindu Priest that there is a ruined Lord Shiva Temple that exists inside their farm and needs to be restored. After multiple search by the family pachekallu was found, so the prediction from Gokarna Hindu Priest who stays 372km far away from this place was right and it is a astonishing prediction. Hence Sri Ankanatheswara Temple was restored. Hats off to the family for putting so much effort in restoring the Sri Ankanatheswara Temple. During restoration five headed snake was found and was left to the flowing Hemavati river. River Hemavati flows gracefully and is eye soothing to watch. There is a small pump house where fishing is done using boat, nets and angling. Overall the blessings of Sri Ankanatheswara, mesmerising nature all around and the ancient history of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family