The Unknown and Little Heaven Sri Honnamana Lake Temple and Cave hill is about 121km from Mysuru, 229km from Bengaluru, located in Doddamalthe village. There is thar road all the way to the below of the hill. From below there are few stones that one needs to trek till the cave temple which is surrounded by eye soothing coffee plantation. Cave temple is present in the middle of the hill which is filled with water throughout the year. One can trek further above from this place. The view from top is peaceful especially watching the lake below. Sri Honnamana Temple is present below which is surrounded by lake. Sri Ganapathy Swamy, Sri Basaveshwara Swamy, Sri Shiva Linga and Sri Honnamana idol is present inside the temple. Ancient script and sculpture can be seen here. Legend has it that Sri Honnamana being a daughter in law from a near by village after celebrating festival in this place her family forgot one of their important item in this place, she was asked by her family members to get the item back. Sri Honnamana returned to get that item, in the process of picking that item Sri Honnamana slipped to the lake which was dry at that time and later was observed inside the dry ground. The lake which was dry all those years after this incident was filled with water. Hence as a tribure to Sri Honnamana, temple was built in her name. Overall the short trekking experience and the ancient history of this place makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family