The Unknown and Little Heaven Shree Jyothi Lingeshwara Swamy Hillock Temple is about 13km from Mysuru, located in Ilavala Hobli. There is a small muddy trail that leads to the top of the hillock. The view from above is refreshing. Ancient Chola Dynasty Temple about 800 years old Shree Jyothi Lingeshwara Swamy Temple is present here. Lord Shiva Linga idol inside the temple is udhbhava murthy. Ancient sculpture of a small fish can be seen here. There is also a snake that lives here from many years and the shed snake skin can be seen here. Forest area with eye soothing nature all around. Ideal place for photography. Looking for a quick getaway, this is the place to be. Overall the blessings of Shree Jyothi Lingeshwara Swamy and the calm, peaceful atmosphere of this place makes this a must visit place with Friends and Family