The unknown and Camping heaven Belagumba Deepada Kallu Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy Hill is about 72km from Bengaluru, 159km from Mysuru, located in Vaddarahalli village. One needs to go through a short trek to reach the top of the hill. Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy Deepada Kallu is present at the top. It is believed that in Ancient times the local people carried the Deepada Kallu to the below of the hill. Since it was late night, they all decided to carry the Deepada Kallu next morning to the top of the hill. But to their suprise the Deepada Kallu wad already placed at the top without any human intervention the next day. Hence Deepada Kallu is worshiped and believed to be sacred. The view from above is jaw breaking, especially watching the surrounding hills and the huge rocks. Ideal place for camping. Lot of Brahminy Kite can be seen flying around this place. Overall the blessings of Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy and the quick trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family