The Unknown, Ancient, Historical and Magnificent Sri Nambinarayana swamy Temple is about 35km from Mysuru. It is believed that Vaishnava saint Sri Ramanuja stayed here. The temple has a garbhagriha, a sukanasi, a navaranga and a mukhamandapa. One can find ancient script on the stone. The feeling of watching the carvings of the Sculpture is just wow. Ancient Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple is opposite to this place. Detail history of Sri Nambinarayana swamy Temple can be heard in the voice of Archakaru uploaded in the video. Calm, peaceful and Blissful place. Ideal place to cycle from Mysuru and visit the temple. Overall the blessings of Sri Nambinarayana swamy and the Ancient history of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family