The Unknown and Spectacular Bettada Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is about 79km from Bengaluru, 7km from Kunigal town. It is believed that Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy came from Srirangapatna to this place. The idol inside this temple is udbhava murthy. The idol has Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy sleeping with head towards North direction and leg towards south direction.The idol when decorated with flowers and if the flower falls from the left side means whatever we wish to happen will come true.The 7 headed snake that was found in this place is believed to be left in Kunigal town lake.The place is surrounded by forest, hence late night trekking is prohibited. The ride to the top is calm, peaceful and pleasant. There is thar road that leads to the top and also 300+ stone steps if one wants to climb to the top. The view from above is breathtaking.Overall the Heavenly nature surrounding this place with the blessings of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy makes this a must visit with friends and family