The Unknown and Magnificent Heaven Kolirayanabetta is about 80km from Bengaluru, 71km from Mysuru, located in Aretippur village. Ideal place for Hardcore trekking and photography. There are no stone steps or trail to reach the top of the hill. Thus making the climb to the top tough and fun. One needs to have Spiderman climbing skills to reach the top of the hill. The view from above is tranquil, especially the clouds that appear very near to this hill. It is believed that this place was once ruled by one of the Palegara. Palegara used to keep his horses and live over here. Palegara had a worm on his back and was removed with the help of a chicken. Hence the hill gets its name Kolirayanabetta (Koli meaning chicken in Kannada Language). Sri Gavi Mahadeswara Swamy Cave Temple below adds a special touch to this place. The best starting point to trek this hill is from brick making place. Looking for a hardcore trekking experience, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit trekking place with friends and family