The unknown and Hidden Little Gem Kalya Betta is about 53km from Bengaluru, 6km from Magadi town. Ancient place with lot of Mythical History. It is believed that a baby in a cradle was left in the pushkarni present at this place and the baby along with the cradle came out of the pushkarni present in Savandurga Hill which is about 21km away from this place. Kalleshwara Temple dedicated to Almighty Lord Shiva, the temple consists of ancient writings inside the cave temple. 500years old Jangama Mata, Palkurke Somanatha Basadi is present in this place. Shivsharane Chanamma has visited this place and performed tapas in one of the caves.There are four ways to enter the temple. There used to be Ancient Jain Temple, that is believed to be destroyed during war and heavy rainfall. Only obelisk is left now and can be viewed. Have a short day in hand and want to get away from city busy life, this is the place to be. Overall the blessings of Almighty Lord Eshwara, the mesmerising Ancient Mythical history of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family