Karighatta is about 25km from Mysuru and 125km from Bengaluru.Just a few KMs before the Srirangapattana on the Bangalore – Mysore highway is this small but a very beautiful hill called Karighatta. Karighatta is referred to in Varaha Purana as Nilachala which means Blue Mountain.On reaching the top one can really enjoy the very refreshing fresh breeze and the beautiful panoramic view of the Srirangapattana township along with the stream of Cauvery river flowing across the Srirangapattana town.One can also visit the small but beautiful vishnu temple here.A stone Lord Vishnu Pada/Footpring is present behind the temple. The views from view points are breath taking.This small hill station is known for it’s sun set point and view. Sky and city looks beautiful from the point. The views from all sides are beautiful. Watch the kaveri river flow and enjoy the breeze all day long. Vehicle can go till the top. Karighatta hill also supports dry scrub jungle and many tamarind and gooseberry trees are found around. It is believed that performing some aesthetic poojas (worship) at this temple could bring a lot of relief to the sufferings one may have gone through in life. There are 450 steps for people who want to climb the hill.Perfect for a one day family/friends outing.Never miss this