The Unknown,Heavenly, Magnificent, Gorgeous, Beautiful no words to describe simply Amazing Shri Bettada Basaveshwara Swamy Hillock Temple and Ancient Jain Basadi is about 121km from Mysuru, located in Hosur village. The ride to this place is mesmerizing as one needs to go through coffee plantation area. There is road till top of the hillock. The view from above is tranquil. Lucky me it was raining and the whole surrounding from above especially the clouds moving through the mountain was like paradise. Cant express, need to visit and experience it. Legend has it that there was a Shiva Linga in Ancient Jain Basadi that took form of Basava (OX) and was roaming around the forest. The Basava was hit by a hunter and was injured. Basava then escaped from the hunter and later immersed itself in the temple in the form of Basaveshwara idol. Thus the temple Shri Bettada Basaveshwara Swamy is built and worshiped in the name of the Basava. One needs to walk few meters from Shri Bettada Basaveshwara Swamy temple to see the Ancient Jain Basadi. Ancient scripts and sculpture can be seen here. Looking for a one time heavenly experience, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit place with friends and family