The Unknown and Graceful Talavadi Fort is about 62km from Bengaluru, 102km from Mysuru, located in Thirumalegowdana Doddi village. One needs to go through muddy trail between mango farm to reach the below of the hill. There is Sri Anjaneya Swamy Udhbhava murthy temple below, which is the starting point of the trek. There is no proper trail or stone steps to the top, which makes the trek fun and challenging. The multiple stone path to the top has been now closed by overgrown trees and plants. In the middle of the hill there is a mud shaped armor where one can see multiple openings. It is believed that Sri Kempegowdru avaru lived here along with his army. His Soldiers inserted their gun in the mud armor and fought their battle. The mud shaped armor is the second check point of trek, from there one needs to take a right diversion and continue trek. If the route to the top is found at first instance, then its only about 30min of trek to the top. The view from above is jaw breaking, especially watching Sri Kootagal Thimmappana Hill Twin rock from here. Ancient Mantap is present at top. Sri Kempegowdru avaru belived to have a flying horse and used to jump from here to Savandurga using his flying horse. The flying horse footprint can be seen here. Overall the Ancient history of the place and the fun in finding the route to the top makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family