For all you lovely Mysureans who were asking me for a nearby unknown heaven Adventure place, this one is for you. I know everyone is familiar with Sri Chamundi Ammana Hill, but do check out these multiple unknown cave temples that is on this hill. The Unknown and Heavenly Sri Jenu Gavi Nanjunda Swamy, 101 Gavi Shiva Temple and Dattatreya Gavi is about 4km from Mysuru, located next to Chamundi Hills steps starting point. There is stone steps from below that leads to Sri Jenu Gavi Nanjunda Swamy. Place where Sri Sri Sri Avadooth Nanjunda Swamy performed Tapas and lived. The cave looks like a tortoise. Few meters from here 101 Gavi Shiva Temple and Dattatreya Gavi is present. One needs to trek though thick tress and thorny plants to reach this place. Long ago there used to be suranga from these cave temple to Sri Chamundi Ammana temple which is currently closed. Natural water flows throughout the year next to a Basava Swamy idol in Dattatreya Gavi. It is believed that there is a total of 108 Gavi Shiva Temple in Chamundi Hill out of which these are one of them. Ideal place for photography and exploring. Have a short day in hand and looking for a quick trekking experience, this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with friends and family