The Ancient Shri Mallikarjuna Temple of Hoysala Dynasty is about 70km from Mysuru, 145km from Bengaluru, 25km from Mandya City. Located in Basaralu Town, this temple was built in A.D. 1234. The temple complex comprises two shrines dedicated to the deities Mallikarjuna and Chandikeshwara. The Mallikarjuna shrine houses a Balahari “linga” and beautiful lotus carving on the ceiling. There is a Bhairava sculpture in the sanctum (“garbhagriha”) of Chandikeshwara temple in a corner of the temple complex. The temple is square in plan, build on a raised Jagati and has two flights of steps leading to the Jagati. The temple is known for its beautiful wall sculptures which include sixteen-handed Lord Siva dancing on Apasmara, Goddess Durga with twenty two hands. There are around 103 intricately carved with images. Old Kannada inscription from the Hoysala period is present here. Overall the Molding frieze articulation and the history of this place makes it a must visit