The Unknown and Heavenly Narayanagiridurga Betta is about 67km from Mysuru, 3km from Rayasamudra village. Ideal place for trekking. Chowdamma Devi Temple is present at the bottom of the hill. One needs to go through the stone and muddy steps to reach the top of the hill. Lord Shiva Temple is present at the top. The view from top is just WOW. Pooja is offered by local villages during Kartika maasa. There are 7 forts present in this hill, build during the time of Chola dynasty. Lot of caves is present at this place, hence late night trekking is restricted due to the presence of wild animals. The road to this place is good. Overall the mesmerising beautiful nature surrounding this place and the blessings of Almighty Lord Eshwara, with hardcore trekking experience makes this a must visit