The Unknown and Little Heaven Bodugudde Shri Basavanna Swamy Hill is about 61km from Bengaluru, 136km from Mysuru, located in Nethenahalli village. There is small trail to reach the middle of the hill. Ancient Sri Muneshwara Swamy Udhbhava murthy cave temple is present at the middle of the hill. There is one more Sri Muneshwara Swamy temple below the hill, from where one can trek to the top. Shri Basavanna Swamy temple is present at the top. The view from above is blissful with cool breeze blowing all around. Place where Sri Muneshwara Swamy performed tapas. Ancient Sri Muneshwara Swamy mutt can be also be seen below the hill. Ideal place for Camping. Overall the blessings of Shri Basavanna Swamy, Sri Muneshwara Swamy and the quick trek experience makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family