The Unknown and Mythical Heaven Sri Gangamma Temple and Deepa Kamba is about 198km from Bengaluru, 201km from Mysuru, located in G.Bommenahalli village. There is muddy trail that leads to the below of the hill. From below one needs trek to the top. At the top of the hill Ancient Sri Gangamma Deepa Kamba, where the old temple existed is present. It is believed that a well existed at the hill and during old times an officer tried to get some water out of this well. However later the officer found that the depth of this well is beyond the imagination. A lot of gold is believed to be inside this well even today and whoever tries to retrieve this gold through mining loses their life one or the other way. Also a giant white 7 headed snake exists at this hill. The new Sri Gangamma Temple is below the hill now. Ideal place for trekking. Overall the mythical history of this place and the trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family