Heritage Winery is about 75 Km from Bengaluru and 84 Km from Mysuru. The Winery is in a zero sound and zero dust pollution zone. Located amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, spread over 25 acres spanning 8 acres of vineyards, 9 acres of winery 8 acres restaurant and landscape. Here the Wine Education is to educate and take the knowledge of wine making/drinking to the common man and the Epulo Restaurant A one of its kind restaurant, this place lives up to its name which literally translates to ‘Feast’.The place as such is really simple and elegant. The whole place is filled with the fresh smell of wine. First the tour is about tasting different wine. The staff are trained well to answer every doubt. You are taught about the varieties of wine, how to taste, how to hold the wine glass, what food goes with what and so on. Then the factory where procedures from crushing till labelling are explained. You are allowed to buy wine that suite your taste.It’s a nice place away from the concrete jungle of the city. It introduces you to the world of wine tasting. A good restaurant attached with it serves good food following the wine tasting. The factory and vineyard are attached attractions. Go for it on a lazy day and indulge your taste buds with some fresh wine