The Unknown and Spectacular Gulooru Sri Anjanaya Swamy Paada Betta is about 64km from Mysuru, located in Gulooru village. What to say just an amazing heavenly trekking place. Place where Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sri Hanuman stayed. Lord Sri Hanuman footprint is present at top of the hill. Its a blessing to touch Lord Sri Hanuman footprint. There are no steps or path to reach the top of the hill, which makes the trekking hardcore and fun. Just start the walk from the pond that is below the hill. Forest area hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. I got to see couple of Porcupine while climbing to top. Other wild animals can be found during rainy season. The view from above is eye soothing. Ancient Sri Anjanaya Swamy temple is present at top of the hill. Below the hill there is Sri Malarappa Swamy Paada. The footprint of Sri Malarappa Swamy is present at top of a hillock below. It is believed that Sri Malarappa Swamy threw couple of stones from this place which ended up in near by village and is worshipped now as idol. Overall the blessings of Ancient Sri Anjanaya Swamy footprint, Sri Malarappa Swamy footprint and the hardcore trekking experience makes this a must visit with friends and family