The Unknown and Gigantic Belathur Sri Muneshwara Swamy Betta is about 86km from Mysuru, 5km from Gangadharakatte village. Heavenly Hardcore Trekking place. There are only stone steps to reach the top of the hill which makes the climb challenging and fun. About 7km of trek from bottom of the hill. On top of the hill there is a cave which is filled with holy water throughout the year. The water is from BR hills which is about 55km from this place. So the tunnel inside the cave is connected to BR hills .There is a huge rock which is covered by lots of Beehive. The complete history of this place can be heard in the voice of Temple Priest (known as Sri Tamdigalu) uploaded in the video. Forest area hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Wild animals like Bear, Wild Boar and Deer can be spotted here. The view from above is eye soothing. Looking for a Mesmerising Hardcore trekking place, this is the place to be.Thus making this a must visit with friends and family