The Unknown and Mythical Shree Bande Basaveshwara Swamy Betta is about 72km from Bengaluru, 5km from Sathanuru Town. Legend has it that Basaveshwara Swamy used to Meditate in this place and use the 12km tunnel present inside the cave to reach Kabbaladurga Hill. Someone from the village has tried to get inside this mysterious tunnel and has never returned back. There is also a chicken shaped rock in front of this place in one of the mountain, it is believed that if the rock chicken cluck/cackle causes bad luck to the villagers. The road to this place is good. The view from the top is Amazing. There is also an Ancient Temple of Lord Shiva which was built during Chola Dynasty. Overall the History this place poses, eye catching beautiful nature surrounding this place and the blessings of Almighty Lord Shiva makes this a must visit place with friends and family