The Unknown and Ancient Ramesvara Temple is about 71km from Mysuru, 1km from Narasamangala village. This temple build during Ganga period is assignable to the ninth century AD. An inscription engraved on two slabs to the south of the temple refers to Hoysala Viraballala-III and certain grants made by him to the god Ramanathadeva of Narasamangala. The temple has a spacious garbhagriha, a narrow ardhamandapa and mahamandapa. The sikhara over the garbhagriha is a unique creation possessing a brick and stucco vimana of great beauty and artistic merit, eleven meters high over a loft stone adhishthana, two meter high. It is a tritala dravida vimana. The navaranga ceiling has Nataraja surrounded by dikpalas. One of the striking images here is that of a king seated in state and his queen standing beside him. Behind the temple in a hall are placed life size saptamatrika images. They are exquisitely carved, beautiful and remarkable for their workmanship. Currently this place has been declared heritage, hence care must be taken while visiting this place. Overall a must visit place with friends and family