The Miracle Ganapathi idol in Gargeshwari is about 31km from Mysuru, 149km from Bengaluru, 4km from T Narasipura town. The deity here is Lord Gargeshwara. The small idol of Lord Ganesha which is also called as Yantra Prashne Ganapathy or Yanthrodarka Ganapathy is placed on a stone plate (Photography of the idol inside the temple is strictly prohibited). One need pray and make a wish. Then try to lift the idol. If the wish is suppose to come true in the future, the idol is easily lifted and feels lighter in hand. If the wish will not come true in the future, the idol stucks on the stone plate and its impossible to lift it, very heavy. The instance that can be lifted and cannot be lifted does not happen in random or in combination. This is pure Miracle of God and a must visit place inoder to witness it