The Unknown and Musical Veena Temple is about 75km from Mysuru, located in Rudrapatna village also known as Sangeetha Grama by Mysuru Maharaja. 70 foot Rudra Veena structure temple. About 167 South Indian classical Musicians have emerged from this village and all of their photos can be seen on the wall of this temple. Goddess Saraswati along with the doyens of Carnatic music Purandaradasaru, Vadirajaru, Kanakadasaru, Tyagarajaru, Muthuswamy Dikshitaru & Sri Shyama Shastry idol is present inside the temple.There is also a mystical musical pillar that exhibit 12 different swara. The only one in entire Karnataka state. Sri Lakshmi ChennaKeshva Swami temple is blissful. Overall the one of a kind musical temple with its Ancient History makes this a must visit with Friends and Family