The unknown and Heavenly Sri Narayana Swamy Betta is about 32km from Bengaluru, 13km from Bidadi city. The place where two goddesses Sridevi and Bhudevi are together with Sri Narayana Swamy in the temple above this hill. One can reach the top of this hill via thar road or via stone steps. Ideal place for photography and trekking as the place is surrounded by eye catching nature. Ancient place as the temple is believed to be built during Chola dynasty. The water in the Kalyani at the top of this hill is believed to be blissful. Currently renovation work is going on the temple. Overall the blessings of Sri Narayana Swamy and if you have a short day in hand to get away from city busy life, this is the place to be.Thus masking this a must visit with Friends and Family