The Unknown and Graceful Ancient Sri Veerabhadreshwara Temple on a Hillock is about 70km from Mysuru, 2km from Channappanapura village. The road leads all the way to the top of the hillock. Ancient place with lot of history which has been explained by the temple Archakaru in the video. Small hidden gem with eye soothing nature all around. One can feel blessed as soon as you enter the temple, so much positive energy all around. Tallest Monolithic Sri Veerabhadreshwara idol is present here and is very special to watch it. Ancient items and old Kannada writings can be seen here. Have a short day in hand, this is the place to be. Overall the blessings of Sri Veerabhadreshwara, Ancient history of this place and the mesmerising nature surrounding this place makes this a must visit with Friends and Family