The Unknown and Serene Husenpura Backwaters Island is about 29km from Mysuru, located in Husenpura village. Ideal place for Fishing, Photography, Picnic and for playing in water. The ride to this place is very pleasant. One can walk around the Island and enjoy the mesmerizing nature all around. Angler paradise. Lots of birds can be spotted sitting on the rock, hence suggest to carry a binocular. The view of clouds especially the reflection in water is eye soothing to watch. Ancient Sri Sri Sri Sideshwara Swamy Sanidi Temple, Husenpura Water Pump House, DodaThaye Amma temple, Husenpuranala Bridge View Point are some of the other attraction around this island. Ancient Sri Arkeshwara Swamy Temple can be viewed only during summer season or when the water level is low. Suggest to cycle from Mysuru and enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset from this place. Overall the infinite acres of pure heaven and the blessings of multiple ancient temples makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family