Jog Falls or Gerosoppa Falls is 345km from Mysuru and 403Km from Bengaluru. It is the most thrilling spectacle in the entire western region of Karnataka.Joga is a Kannada word meaning falls,The second highest falls in India. Jog falls is also known as Gerusoppaa falls, is the highest untiered waterfalls as it drops directly and does not stream on to the rocks. The wondrous sight is that of river Sharavathi taking a spectacular leap into the chasm from a height of 900 feet to from the highest waterfalls in India The first of these falls is known as the ‘Raja’ – the grandest, an unbroken sheet of water, the Raja plunges into the vapor shrouded poll 900 feet below. A few 100 feet way down, with a thunderous gush, Raja is joined by ‘Roarer’. Leaping down with great speed in a series of cascades in the ‘Rocket’. And gliding away in a feminine grace ,’Rani’. The effect is greatly heightened by the wild and beautiful region around which is covered with a wealth of luxuriant vegetation. The steps cut into rocks will lead you to the very depths of the fall and shower you with vaporous spray that bounces off these rocks.The Tourism Department has built steps from the viewpoint to the bottom of the hill where the waterfall can be seen at the opposite side.If you wish to go to bottom of the falls then you have to get prepared with lot of energy to come back. There are approximately 1400 steps built to reach the bottom of the hill, During monsoons local rain water is the source of water to the falls,it is the best place to enjoy the whole day with family or with friends. But should visit in right season (monsoon/rainy)