The Unknown and Magnificent Sri Mutturayappana Gudda is about 42km from Mysuru, located in Maramahalli village. One needs to pass through a small muddy trail on foot to reach the below of the hill. From there stone steps are available till mid of the hill. From there again muddy trails are available that leads to the temple. The climb is mesmerizing as the place is surrounded by trees. The idol in the temple is udhbhava murthy. One can trek further around the surrounding hills that offer panoramic photography. Lucky me it was drizzling and loved every bit of the time spend. Forest area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. I got to see Wild Boar, Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox. Have a short day in hand and looking for a short tranquil trekking experience this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family