The unknown and Mythical Ancient Sri Malleshwara swamy/Malikarjuna Swamy betta is about 32km from Maddur city, 2km from Huliyurdurga village. What an Amazing Trekking place, just wow feeling all around. It is believed that there is a 1400km passage from here to Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Madhya Pradesh which is used by Godly Saint who visit this place during Night and perform tapas/pooja. Also there is a special door which can be identified by certain local villagers in which years back one of the person who tried to explore on what is behind this special door found the place to be very dark. Later by using advanced telescope saw that there was a huge lake inside this hill with Gold Pitcher Pot (kalasha/kalasa/ಕಲಾಸ in Kannada),but could not retrieve it. Also it is believed that whoever tries to renovate this place is cursed and the entire family will be effected, so the people staying around this place must live without any proud and must be down to earth. Apart from this catching Ancient History, this is an ideal place for hardcore trekking. One needs to go through stony steps to reach the top of the hill, dont worry there are arrows marked in yellow colour that gives direction to the top. The view from Top is mind blowing and worth the climbing effort. Sri Malleshwara swamy temple is located at the top of the hill and is clam, peaceful and blissful. Long time ago the hill was surrounded by forest where lots of Tigers use to live, hence the village gets its name Huliyurdurga. Overall the hardcore trekking experience, the blessing of Lord Malikarjuna Swamy and the mesmerising Ancient History of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family