About Me

First India Book of Records Holder for the Maximum number of Ancient and Tourist places visited around Karnataka by an individual.Odiyanda Nikil Appanna Mysuru, residing in Mysuru Karnataka India, on Every Weekend started to post about the unknown tourist/Ancient/Picnic places around Mysuru and Bengaluru in Facebook on a group called Happy Weekend Guys (HWG). Soon the group and weekend post became popular. Motivated by this Nikil continued to pursue this unique passion towards nature from the year 2011 on multiple platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp and Google Maps. Now there are about 500+ unknown tourist places put to light around Mysuru and Bengaluru by Nikil on Google Maps. For this contribution Nikil has more than 100 Million views on Google Maps and thus earning him the all the Award available in Google Maps including Top Local Guide. Nikil urges others to continue the same passion towards Nature and in saving Ancient place and other unknown tourist places present around their respective city