Gomatgiri/Bhagwan Bahubali ,is about 25km from Mysuru and 168km from Bengaluru. Standing in the middle of almost nowhere on the Mysore- Hunsur road near the hamlet of Bilikere is a smaller statue of Bahubali Bhagwan closely resembles the famous granite Gomteshwara pratima at Shravanabelagola. Approximately 80 rough steps, gouged out in a careless fashion, lead to the narrow doorway of the four walled enclosure inside which stands an 18 ft. high black monolithic Bahubali Bhagwan pratima. Gommatagiri is an acclaimed Jain centre. The 700-year-old statue of Gomateshwara (Bhagawan Bahubali) is erected atop a 50 meter tall hillock called ‘Shravana Gudda’. The statue of Gomateshwara at Gommatagiri is an early Vijayanagara creation in granite. It has serene facial expressions and curly hairs. This Jain centre attracts many pilgrims during the annual “Maha masthakabhisekha” in September. Historians attribute the statue to an early Vijayanagar period, It gives you the feel of being one with yourself.. a little religion, a little adventure, a little history, a little architecture.. makes this trip complete