The unknown and Amazing Huthridurga Fort is about 65km from Bengaluru, 18km from Magadi town. This trekking heavenly place will remain in my memory and heart for a long time, just lovely. One needs to reach the below of the hill and trek though the stone steps and trial covered by tress on either side to reach the top of the hill. Not to worry as there are arrows marked in white colour that directs the route all the way to the top. Hutridurga/Uttari Betta which was built by Sri Kempegowdru in the 16th century, is considered a seven tiered fort and one among the nine “Durgas” (fortified hills) around Bengaluru (“Nava Durgas”). Ideal place for hardcore trekking.On the top of the hill there is a temple dedicated to Almighty Lord Shiva known as Shankareshwara temple and a small Nandi idol. Anjaneya temple is present at the midway of the trek. The view from top is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Worth all the trekking effort. The road to this place is good. There seems to be some wild animals around this place, hence late night trekking is not advisable. Overall the Hardcore trekking experience and the blessings of Lord Eshwar and Lord Hanuman, mesmerising eye soothing nature all around makes this a must visit with Friends and Family