Big Banyan Tree is about 128km from Mysuru and 27km from Bengaluru. Big Banyan Tree, is a giant 400 year old Banyan tree. This single plant covers 3 acres. It has a crown circumference of more than 250 meters and has more than a thousand aerial roots. The main root of the tree succumbed to natural disease, and thus the tree now looks like many different trees.Big Banyan Wines, a wine brand launched in 2007 by John Distilleries, is named after the Big Banyan Tree.The corporate headquarters of Paul John Enterprises, the parent company, is also located near the tree.The tree has fenced boundaries, and benches for people to sit. Banyan tree is a holy tree for Hindus.They worship it as the place of Lord Muneshwara, who is a living spirit helping the human beings having faith in Him.Thus it is considered as the abode of Lord Muneshwara.The pleasant appearance of the tree and the serene surroundings of the place have projected the Big Banyan Tree as an ideal picnic spot. People of all age group flock to this picnic spot along with their friends and family members.The tourist spot at Big Banyan Tree presents everyone with the opportunity to have a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to breathe in fresh air under the cool shade of the sprawling tree