Shivanasamudra Falls is about 97 km from Mysuru and 135 km from Bengaluru. The Shivanasamudra falls are formed on the Cauvery river. A little distance before the falls, the river splits into two, forming an island. The two streams falls down to the same point and flows downstream. The two falls are called Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukk The two falls are really majestic in the monsoon/rainy season, Baraha Chukki and Gagana Chukki and the twin falls that tumble down the rocks so beautifully and powerfully they draw you to them . Stand on the rocks beside and feel the cool spray.Its a very photogenic place. One can plunge into the water/falls and have a very nice time.The sight of water gushing down the gorge and plunging into the depths below with a roaring sound is a feast for the eyes. Mist engulfs the entire place when the water is in full flow, lending an ethereal beauty to the falls. Shivanasamudra has been ranked 45 among the world’s top 100 waterfalls by the World Waterfall Database, Good picnic spot for family and friends