The Unknown and Eye Soothing Heaven Shri Ujjani Mallappa Swami Forest Waterfalls Temple is about 108km from Bengaluru, 192km from Mysuru, located in Bommethimmanahalli village. There is muddy road all the way to the temple. Shri Ujjani Mallappa Swami udhbhava murthy is present inside the temple. The place is surrounded by mesmerizing hills. The water from surrounding hill creates a waterfall in this place and flows across this temple. Watching the waterfall is a treat to the eyes. One can explore and trek the hill surrounding this place. It is believed that there is a pond in the hill, that never dries. Overall the blessings of Shri Ujjani Mallappa Swami and the tranquil atmosphere of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family