The Legendary Kailasagiri Hills is about 76km from Bengaluru and 238km from Mysuru, 7km from Chintamani Taluk. The place consists of manmade cave temple. Sri Vallaba Ganapati Swamy, Sri Chaturmukhalingeshwara Swmay and Goddess Sri Jagadambe are the idols present inside the cave with three different entrance. The road to Kailasagiri is very good and calm.Kailasagiri is sorrounded by beautiful nature all around. It is very cold and pleasant inside the cave. A 23 feet Shivaling is under constrution inside cave temple. The pond below Kailasagiri is very peaceful. One can sit here and gaze at the beautiful sky, nature and the hill all day long. Overall beautiful hillock, with marvellous architecture. A must visit place