The Unknown and Heavenly Halthi Betta is about 73km from Mysuru, located in Halthi village. What to say about this place, just amazing heavenly trekking place. It is believed that Lord Parshuram was performing tapas in the cave present at the top of the hill and started to hear sound of chant “Om Namaha Shivaya”. Lord Parshuram followed the sound by cutting the stones using his Kodli(Axe) and ended up finding the Almighty Lord Shiva Linga. One can see the marks from the axe on the rocks. There is Lord Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy temple on top of the hill. Water drops from the rock falls on to the Shiva Linga which is Antara Gange and never dries up and there is no source from where this water comes, which is mythical to see. It is also believed that Lord Sri Ram stayed in this place during his exile. There are stone steps that lead all the way to the top and the view from top is eye soothing. The place is surrounded by huge rocks and is ideal for landscape photography. Trekking late is night is not advisable as the place is covered with forest. Overall the hardcore trekking experience with mesmerising nature allaround with the blessings of Lord Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and lot of Ancient History makes this a must visit with friends and family