The Unknown and little hidden gem Sri Sri Chandramouleshwara MallikarjunaSwamy Hill is about 38km from Mysuru, 3km from Chakkuru village. One can reach the top of the hillock via stone steps or road. Only one temple in the entire world which has two udbhava murthy inside one temple together side by side, one udbhava murthy of Sri Chandramouleshwara and another udbhava murthy of Sri MallikarjunaSwamy. Ancient temple older than chola dynasty. It is believed that a tiger used to guard this place and was the vahana of Sri Sri Chandramouleshwara MallikarjunaSwamy. The basadi of that tiger is present at this place. The view from above is calm, peaceful and blissful. One can walk around the huge rocks surrounding this place and explore further. Overall the blessings of Sri Sri Chandramouleshwara MallikarjunaSwamy Hill and the ancient history of this place makes this a must visit with friends and family