The Unknown and Incredible Honabetta is about 63km from Mysuru, located in K.Mallenahalli village. One needs to go through muddy stone road to reach the top of the hillock. There is an Ancient Mantap called as Sule Mantapa at top of the hill which was build by Palegara during Ancient times. The place is surrounded by forest. Hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Ideal place for Forest bathing. One can trek further around the Forest and enjoy the mesmerising nature allaround. Below the hill there is the eye soothing Sule Lake which is about 30+acres. The lake is filled by River Hemavathi. Ideal place for picnic in the backwaters of Sule Lake. One can walk around the trees. Fishing is done by Angling. Have a short day in hand and looking for adventure this is the place to be, thus making this a must visit place with friends and family