The Unknown and Ancient Heaven Sri Veerabhadraswamy Cave Hill Temple is about 62km from Bengaluru, 160km from Bengaluru, located in Devarahosahalli village. Place visted by Lord Veerabhadraswamy after cutting the head of Sri Narasimhaswaami for not giving him the place requested. Sri Veerabhadraswamy turned himself into udhbhava murthy in this place. There is thar road all the way to the top of the hill.One can also use the stone steps to reach the middle of the hill. In the middle of teh hill multiple God Sri Ganapathy Swamy, Sri BhadraKalamma, Sri Naga deva, Sri Basveshwara Swamy, Sri Muneshwara Swamy and Sri Veerabhadraswamy idol can be seen here.1600 years old tempel built by Chola Dynasty. One can trek further above from the temple to top via the stone steps. Kalyani and Sri Gangama Temple is present at the top of the hill. The view from above is mind blowing. All the famous hills around Tumkur can be seen from top of this hill. Overall the blessings of multiple gods , ancient history of this place and quick trekking experience makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family